Visible Learning

St Joseph’s School is a Level 3 Visible Learning+ Certified School, one of only eight schools across the world, three in Australia and the only Australian school which has a Secondary campus, who have Level 3 Visible Learning+ Certified School status.

What is Visible Learning?

Visible Learning is based on the research of world-renowned education expert Professor John Hattie. Hattie conducted the world’s largest evidence-based study into the factors which improve student learning. His work forms the basis of Visible Learning, a program which accelerates student learning by focusing on what works best in teaching and learning.


The 'visible' aspect of Visible Learning refers first to making student learning visible to teachers by:

  • ensuring clear identification of the attributes that make a visible difference to student learning, and
  • all in the school visibly knowing the impact that they have on the learning in the school (of the student, teacher, and school leaders).

The 'visible' aspect also refers to making teaching visible to the student, such that students

  • learn to become their own teachers (which is the core attribute of lifelong learning or self-regulation), and
  • develop the love of learning that we so want students to value.


The 'learning' aspect refers to how we go about knowing and understanding, and then doing something about student learning. Learning is at the forefront of all education. In Visible Learning teaching is viewed primarily in terms of its impact on student learning.

Visible Teaching and Learning

When the teaching is visible, the student knows what to do and how to do it. When the learning is visible, the teacher knows if learning is occurring or not.

Evidence shows that the greatest effects on student learning come when not only the students become their own teachers (through self-monitoring and self-assessment), but the teachers become learners of their own teaching. In successful classrooms, both the teaching and learning are visible.

Students as Visible Learners

A student who is a visible learner is one who:

  • Can articulate what they are learning and why,
  • Can talk about how they are learning and the strategies they are using,
  • Can articulate their next learning step,
  • Understands assessment tools used and what the results mean,
  • Asks questions and clarifies,
  • Sees errors as learning opportunities,
  • Actively seeks feedback, and
  • Sets learning goals.

The Visible Learning program here at St Joseph’s School involves the development of students as visible learners, implementing measures to closely monitor student progress, identifying and implementing the most appropriate way to provide students with effective feedback and developing collective teacher efficacy (teachers working together to improve student outcomes).

We look forward to watching all our students, from Prep to Year 12, growing as visible learners.