Visible Learning

St Joseph’s School has introduced a Visible Learning Program across the school with a view to achieving excellence in the classroom, that is, every student achieving to the best of their ability.

Visible Learning is the result of the research undertaken by leading Australian academic, Professor John Hattie, to understand what provides the most success in learning.  The key tenet of the program is to achieve the following position:

When teachers see learning through the eyes of the student and students see themselves as their own teachers.

Accordingly, there are two key focuses for the program. The first is to ensure all teachers are inspired and passionate expert teachers who understand the learning needs of their students, and have the skills and knowledge to ensure all students are excelling in the classroom. Secondly, we need to ensure that all students are visible learners.

A visible learner is a student who:

  • Can be their own teacher
  • Can articulate what they are learning and why
  • Can talk about how they are learning – the strategies they are using to learn
  • Can articulate their next learning steps
  • Can use self-regulation strategies
  • Is assessment-capable (understands the assessment tools being used and what their results mean and can self-assess)
  • Seeks, is resilient and aspires to challenge
  • Can set mastery goals
  • Asks questions
  • Sees errors as opportunities and is comfortable saying that they don’t know and/or need help
  • Positively supports their peers’ learning
  • Knows what to do when they don’t know what to do
  • Actively seeks feedback
  • Has metacognitive skills and can talk about these (systematic planning, memory, abstract thinking, critical thinking, problem solving, etc.).

The Visible Learning program here at St Joseph’s School involves the development of students as visible learners, implementing measures to closely monitor student progress, identifying and implementing the most appropriate way to provide students with effective feedback and developing collective teacher efficacy (teachers working together to improve student outcomes).

We look forward to watching all our students, from Prep to Year 12, growing as visible learners.