St Joseph’s School is a member of the Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic Schools. 

Our funding is from five main sources:

  • Federal Government per capita funding
  • State Government per capita funding
  • Special purpose government funding
  • Tuition fees
  • Levies 

Per-capita government funding goes directly to the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office and is used to meet staffing costs at St Joseph’s School and also the services that the Toowoomba Catholic School Office provides.  

Special purpose government funding includes:

  • Textbook and resource allowance (contributes to the provision of textbooks and learning resources for secondary students)
  • Chaplaincy program
  • Youth support initiative (to support senior students at risk of disengaging from learning)
  • Choice and affordability funding (applied to fee relief)

Tuition fees are used to meet the other operating costs of the St Joseph’s School including:

  • Resources: classroom and curriculum resources including and not exclusive to sporting equipment, library books, whiteboards, and musical instruments
  • Additional staffing costs: Teachers, School Officers, Tuckshop Convenor, School Cleaners, and Relief Teachers
  • Purchasing, replacement and repairs of all school equipment - Information Technology, furniture
  • Photocopying and printing - coloured paper, maintenance and copy costs, school stationery
  • Electricity, insurance, postage, phone, rates, excess water and general cleaning and maintenance expenses
  • Maintenance of buildings, ground improvements and Capital Development

Levies cover the costs of specific student expenses.

Your commitment to meet the payment of school fees is appreciated and essential for our school to be able to provide quality educational outcomes for our students.