Students in Uniform

Uniforms can be purchased at Gleesons Mercery situated at 4 Maryland Street, Stanthorpe. They carry uniforms for students across all of the age levels of the school.

Primary Uniform

The uniform consists of:

  • Red polo shirt
  • Green shorts (and/or skorts for girls)
  • White socks
  • Black shoes
  • Wide-brimmed hat.

Optional items for cold and wet weather:

  • School jumper
  • Long pants
  • Waterproof jacket.

Prep students also have a yellow hat to wear during play times. This is presented by the school to students on their first day.

Secondary Uniform

The formal uniform consists of:

  • White shirt/over blouse
  • Grey trousers or shorts/tartan skirt
  • Tartan tie
  • Black belt (boys)
  • Mercy long socks (boys)
  • Gray socks or black tights
  • Formal hat
  • V neck knit jumper
  • Blazer (Year 11 & 12).

The sports uniform consists of:

  • Red polo shirt
  • Green shorts
  • White socks
  • Sports shoes
  • Secondary sports hat.

Optional items for cold and wet weather: 

  • Soft shell jacket
  • Track pants
  • Blazer (Year 7-10).

Students wear the formal uniform on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The sports uniform is worn on Tuesday and Thursday.

Wearing of Uniform

The uniform should be neat, tidy and clean at all times.


The wearing of hats is compulsory at all times when outdoors.  Students are required to wear wide-brimmed hats for maximum sun protection and these may be the navy or grey formal school hat, Primary wide brimmed hat, prep cap or the sports hat in Secondary. No other hats/caps are to be worn with the school uniform. Students who wear other hats/caps will have them confiscated.



Hair must be neat and tidy and should clear the collar if worn long.  Styling should be such that it is acceptable to the general community.

We will NOT accept any unusual hairstyles at the school.  As general guidelines the following will need to be understood.

  • Change of colour to one that is very obviously not the natural hair colour is not acceptable
  • Two-toned colours (e.g. highlights, streaks) must be subtle
  • No unusual cuts (eg. shaved head)
  • Hair below shoulder length must be tied back
  • Hair is to be neat, tidy and off the face at all times

Facial Hair

Students should be clean shaven at all times.


Makeup and nail polish are not acceptable for students in uniform.


Students may wear one pair of studs or sleepers in the lower lobe of their ears. Earrings must be removed when playing sport. Students may wear one ring. A watch may also be worn. Students are able to wear a religious medal or crucifix on a chain around their neck.  Any other jewellery will be confiscated and held until the end of the day or parents make arrangements to collect items.