The St Joseph’s School journey for each student has its beginnings in the Primary Campus environment where the foundations of a love of learning, a sense of curiosity and an eagerness to embrace all the opportunities with which they are presented are laid.

As enthusiastic learners, compassionate friends and confident yet respectful citizens, the students are supported academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally by their teachers through innovative, purposeful and challenging learning experiences. At St Joseph’s School, each child is recognised as being unique, with individual talents to be nurtured and hopes and aspirations that will contribute towards shaping their future.

As a school community, we have the responsibility to help each child flourish and to develop within them the skills that will continue to benefit them through their Secondary education as well as through life beyond. Such skills include taking responsibility for their own learning, developing effective creative and critical thinking skills and the ability to see problems as learning opportunities and face them with a sense of resiliency.

The Mercy Values on which St Joseph’s School is based are evident in the daily life of the Primary Campus.  Whether it be welcoming a new student, assisting a peer to understand a Science concept, competing against local schools in sporting competitions, fundraising for the local community, participating in events such as the Border District Eisteddfod or visiting residents at the local aged-care facility, each student plays their part in embodying the values of Respect, Compassion, Service and Courage

We invite you to come and visit St Joseph’s School Primary Campus and to see for yourself what we have to offer your family.