Some students may decide to go directly into paid employment after graduating Year 12.

Students will be best prepared for this pathway to employment if they take the time to seriously investigate the industries in which they have an interest. Take advantage of Work Experience opportunities, meet and talk to people in the industry, attend Careers Markets and Open Days, read newspapers (explore local opportunities in local papers, read business sections of larger papers), read industry journals/magazines, check the Internet for current information.

If students are planning to go into the workforce immediately after leaving school, they should choose a range of subjects that will provide them with the skills needed for the industry/area in which they plan to find work. Employers are looking for workers who demonstrate that they are interested by learning about the industry and the company where they are looking for work. Students will also show that they are interested in becoming a useful employee by getting involved in activities that develop skills and practices (e.g. team work, organisation, being punctual and reliable) needed in the work place.

Students seeking employment after completing Year 12 can gain assistance from the Department of Employment and Training, Job Network Agencies, Jobs Pathways Programs or Group Training Companies.

For more information about careers, please access our St Joseph's School Stanthorpe Careers website by clicking on the picture below.