Teaching and Learning

As a Visible Learning+ Certified School, we have high expectations of all students and strive to inspire and develop lifelong learners equipped for the 21st Century.

We endeavour to create confident and competent learners who will be able to meet the demands of school, further education and employment. Data guides teachers and students when planning our curriculum, especially learning intentions and success criteria for each student. Individual student growth, particularly in the areas of literacy and numeracy, is closely monitored.

Through smaller classes and planning for personalised learning, our students individual learnings needs are well catered for.

Teaching and learning initiatives across Prep to Year 12 are key to helping our students achieve their best. These include the:

  • Visible Learning Program (which aims to develop learners by focusing on those educational practices which ensure at least one year’s growth for one year’s schooling)
  • Inspire Maths Program (which develops numeracy for all students across all year levels and subjects)
  • Reading Improvement Strategy (which develops important literacy skills across the school)
  • Data Improvement Plan (which monitors and analyses student performance in literacy and numeracy in order to target the individual needs of students).

St Joseph’s School has had much academic success, including NAPLAN rankings and teritary entrance results, over many years. This success is achieved through an effective teaching and learning program from Prep to Year 12, which focuses on individual growth.

The following diagram outlines the Visible Learning practices of Exemplary Teachers and Exemplary Learners important to achieving our vision for our students.