Student Leadership

Student leadership is a key aspect of student life. All students are encouraged to lead in their own way, regardless of their year level.

The key principles of student leadership developed at St Joseph’s School are that:

  • Leadership is a collective, not singular, activity
  • Leadership is not management
  • Leadership is rooted in service

All student leadership is grounded in our Mercy Values.

Senior Leaders

All Year 12’s are expected to display leadership, be appropriate role models and provide peer support across the school. The Seniors regularly spend time in Primary classrooms and organise activities in both campuses.

In Year 12 students serve in the following student leadership positions:

  • School Captains
  • School Vice-Captains
  • Prefects
  • House Captains

Unique to St Joseph’s School, the elected student leaders each adopt a Mercy Value and raise awareness of their value by conducting a major fundraiser to support a worthy cause and prompting that value amongst the students.

Student Representative Council

Each Pastoral Care class from Year 5-12 has a class representative who sits on the Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC meets regularly to present ideas for improvement around the school and to raise issues that may be of concern for students. Recommendations from the SRC are tabled with the School Leadership Team.

A member of the SRC also represents the school on The Southern Downs Regional Student Council.

Year 6 Leadership

Year 6 students, as the oldest students on the Primary campus, are given leadership training and provide leadership in Primary.