School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council provides a crucial point of connection between the wider school community and school leaders. While the School Advisory Council does not have governance responsibility or decision-making authority, it supports the principal and school leadership and provides an important connection to the parish and school community.

The following are some ways the School Advisory Council supports the school and the principal:

  • articulating and enacting the school’s vision and mission
  • promoting the school’s Catholic ethos and culture
  • promoting education programs, faith formation and development
  • implementing school policies as required
  • giving advice to the principal on issues such as enrolments, school improvement plans and enrolment trends
  • engaging in discussion with the principal about the annual school budget and other financial matters
  • giving advice to the principal about the school strategic and master planning
  • capital resource planning and and maintenance support to the principal.

Current members of the School Advisory Council are:

  • Andrew Kendall OAM (Principal)
  • Fr Gonzalo Garcia Duran (Parish Preist)
  • Michael Letters (Chair)
  • Julie-ann Spiller (Secretary)
  • Matthew Brown
  • Amy Hill
  • Mary Roberts
  • Tim Robinson

The School Advisory Council replaces what was the School Board.