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Drone Day Workshop and Cheese Making for Ag Studies students

Drone Day Workshop and Cheese Making for Ag Studies students

Five Year 8 Agriculture Students were lucky enough to attend a drone training workshop with qualified drone pilot instructors recently.

In the workshop, the students learnt a little about how to program drones with specific instructions, built a drone from a kit and practiced their piloting skills on a hovercraft drone and a flying drone. Not content with simple “left, right, up, down” movements, they quickly progressed to flipping the drone in full 360 degree manoeuvres.

The day concluded with a game of robot soccer, and a discussion about how drones are currently used in agriculture and elsewhere, the sorts of jobs that will likely be superseded by drones and the new drone regulations that will come into effect from July 1st 2018.

The workshop was a lot of fun and very informative, and it certainly opened the student’s eyes as to the possibilities of drone use currently and into the future.

As part of their study of the Dairy Industry, the Year 8 Agriculture students spent Tuesday 5th June making Camembert Cheese. This involved using starter cultures to produce lactic acid, separating it into curds and whey, putting the curd into a cheese mould and draining overnight.

The following morning the cheeses were soaked in brine and placed into a temperature controlled environment, where they will now grow their outer covering of white mould before being wrapped. All up this is an 8-10 week process – and a great lesson in persistence and attention to detail for the students.