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Leadership Workshop with Angela Travers

Leadership Workshop with Angela Travers

When asked to define the term “leadership”, there will generally be a consensus of opinion around the qualities that a person should exhibit if they aspire to be a leader.

Last week, Year 6 students attended a Leadership Workshop facilitated by Angela Travers, Toowoomba Catholic Schools Education Officer for Faith and Mission. The students listed attributes such as being a good listener, an effective communicator, someone who puts others first, doing deeds for others without need of recognition, being responsible and respectful and someone who is able to inspire those around them to be leaders themselves.

The focus of this day was to strengthen the students’ understanding of what it means to be a leader in different contexts and for them in particular, the context of being in their final year of Primary School.

Some highlights of the day’s activities included making prayer mandalas to help students be still and mindful at prayer time and reflecting on the leadership qualities demonstrated by Jesus.

At the annual Awards Night to be held later this year, those Year 6 students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills will be recognised with the Donna Shannon Leadership Award.