St Joseph's School, Stanthorpe | Living Mercy since 1875

Staff development

Staff at St Joseph’s continue to be involved in a number of Professional Development activities.  Some of these occur each year, the need arising from the necessity of keeping up with curriculum developments and implementation.  The main areas of professional development are:

  • Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) workshops, in-services and seminars.  These occur across the curriculum at all year levels.
  • Introduction of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • Administration of the Queensland Curriculum Assessment Tasks (QCATs) and the Years 3,5,7 & 9 Literacy & Numeracy tests
  • Admin Team activities examining roles, efficiency and how best to operate in a P –12 environment.
  • Activities regarding staff cohesion, communication and working to fulfil the school vision
  • Child Protection and risk management in-service
  • Workplace, Health and Safety in-service
  • Safety and First Aid upgrades
  • Accreditation to teach in a Catholic school and accreditation to teach Religious Education

Many Professional Development activities are provided by the Toowoomba Catholic Education Office or the Queensland Studies Authority free of charge.  All teachers participate in school wide activities, and some in areas more specific to their needs.  In addition, the school spends an average of $300 per staff member on Professional Development per year.