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Week 4 Principals News


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As we settle into the school year here at St Joseph’s I am amazed by the range and depth of experiences that are available to students across the school. For a school of just 400 students St Joseph’s not only provides excellent educational opportunities but also many and varied extra-curricular activities.

Over the past two weeks students have had success in Border District trials, the Stanthorpe Show and we started our primary sports afternoons. Our Year 10 and 12s have had the opportunity to depth their sense of spirituality and share in reflections days, Our German club started last Monday available after school classes in conversational German. Our intra-school Fustal competition is in full swing and Homework club started on Tuesday and we had good roll up of students and staff eager to share in their learning.  I sincerely would like to thank the staff and students who have led and coordinated these activities and congratulate the students involved and wish them good luck in future competitions and activities.

The School continues to provide excellence in Teaching and Learning. Staff have been engaging in a number of in-service opportunities over the past and coming weeks especially in both literacy and numeracy. A number of secondary staff have also been involved in District Monitoring Panels of Yr 11 work from last year.  The provision of quality in-service enables staff to provide excellent up to date teaching and assessment methods for our students.

Prior to school commencing, all staff undertook mandatory training in Code of Conduct and Student Protection. Last week a number of staff undertook annual training a specific Student Protection Officers. The following staff are our designated Student Protection Officers for 2017:-

Mrs Sarah Yates - Assistant Principal (Primary)

Mrs Cathy Mills –Counsellor

Mrs Sandra Ellis – Head of Pastoral Care (Secondary)

Mr Phillip McGreevy - Principal


God’s Blessings


Phillip McGreevy


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