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The Importance of Reading

Nov 21, 2017

I was reminded of the importance we play as parents and carers in helping our children to read and learn when we welcomed the new Prep students for 2018, with their parents and carers, to the school this week. It was an exciting time to see all these wonderful young people having their first experience together before they start school next year. ...more...

What Makes A Leader

Oct 25, 2017

What is leadership? Leadership is a collective, not singular, activity – everyone acting together for the common good. Leadership is not one person directing others or doing something to others so they do what he or she wants them to do. Leadership is about doing influential acts of encouragement, empowerment, support, facilitation and service. At the heart of leadership is service of others. It is not about “I”, it is about “we”. ...more...

Queensland Core Skills Tests

Sep 04, 2017

The last week has also been a significant one for our Year 12s who sat the Queensland Core Skills Test. I congratulate and commend our students for the calm and supportive manner they displayed before and during the test ...more...

Welcome to Term 3

Aug 07, 2017

Welcome back to school for Semester 2 2017. I hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday with your children. On behalf of the whole school community I would like to welcome the new students and families to St Joseph’s School who have started this semester. In my two weeks here I have really appreciated the warm welcome my family and I have received and know that our students and staff will give a similar welcome to others new to the school. ...more...

Musical Success Week 4

Aug 07, 2017

The last two weeks has been a busy time for all involved at St Joseph’s School and I am thankful for the positive engagement of students, staff and parents. ...more...

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