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Good Luck Asbjorn

Sep 15, 2015

St Joseph’s Year 10 student Asbjorn Gaskell will travel to Brisbane in late October to represent the Darling Downs in the 1500m at the state titles. ...more...

Dinosaurs and Rescue Ops

Sep 09, 2015

On Thursday 5th September the Year 2 and 3 cohorts headed off bright and early for a day of learning the Queensland Museum and Science Centre. ...more...

Book Week

Sep 03, 2015

Each year, Book Week is a highlight at St Joseph’s. It gives teachers, students and families the opportunity to acknowledge, celebrate and become immersed in the great wealth of Australian children’s literature. It is also a time to appreciate the gift of reading for relaxation, entertainment, broadening perspectives and providing opportunities for learning, laughing and sharing. ...more...

Science Week

Aug 25, 2015

Science Week gives students the opportunity to investigate various avenues of the sciences outside of their normal lessons, and witness how daily activities can be explored through scientific processes. ...more...

Catholic Education Week

Aug 06, 2015

Last week St Joseph’s School joined other Catholic schools nationally to celebrate Catholic Education Week, an important week in the school calendar that celebrates and promotes the great work that is being done within Catholic schools across Queensland ...more...

Article Making Rosary Beads

Jul 24, 2015

At the end of Term 2, Year 5 students were learning about the early Church in Australia in their Religion Class. Interestingly we learnt that there were no Catholic Priests until the1800’s. So what did Early Australian Catholics do? They prayed the Rosary. It was a big part of their lives, praying the rosary kept their faith alive. ...more...

Creative Roles

Jun 11, 2015

From time to time there are opportunities in academic study in which students can get really creative, and becoming your favourite written character is definitely one of them. ...more...

Year One History Unit

Jun 04, 2015

Year One students visited the Stanthorpe Museum on Friday 29th May as part of their class history unit ‘What Was It Like?’, looking what life was like for children in the past. ...more...

Young Winemakers Winery Tour

May 27, 2015

On Tuesday the 19th May the St Joseph’s Young Winemakers Program students took part in a winery tour to investigate different way local wineries promote and market their products and attract customers to their cellar doors. ...more...

'Chill Out, Walk Away'. Paul Stanley Visits

May 14, 2015

Mr Stanley visited the school last week to address students pushing out the message of ‘Chill out and walk away’, an anti-violence message for youth. ...more...

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