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St Joseph’s School Choir Performs at ‘Light the Night’

On Friday 19th October, the fourth annual Light the Night Leukaemia fundraiser was held. Despite the unpredictable weather and the change of venue that afternoon, the event was a huge success.

Talented local artists including Morwenna Harslett, Belinda Lister, Esther Plath, David and Sarah Hume provided a variety of entertainment creating a wonderful atmosphere.

This year, the St Joseph’s Choir made their Light the Night debut and delighted the audience. Led by Mrs Jo Barker, the students entertained the crowd with their angelic voices. They sang a number of beautiful songs that they had been enthusiastically practising during their lunch breaks.

To kick off the Official Ceremony, the lights were turned off in the Bathersby Centre and Jo delighted onlookers with her song “Flashlight” surrounded by the choir swaying their lit torches in the dark to add an extra special touch.

Light the Night Co-ordinators, Stuart and Angie Sims would like to extend a huge thank you to the parents of these students who enabled them to be part of this very special community event. The involvement of the St Joseph’s Choir added another special element to the evening.

Thank you also to Cooper Wren for capturing the magical moments on his drone when the lanterns were lit in honour of those we remember, and for those we support during their leukaemia and blood cancer journey.