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Socktober Crazy Sock Day

Socktober Crazy Sock Day

Crazy sock day was a ‘sight to behold’ when St Joseph’s students wore their most weird, wonderful and crazy socks to school. It was all in the name of fun and fundraising to contribute to the education of children living in impoverished countries.

The initiative was taken by Year 12 student Anika Spiller who decided to promote her mercy value of ‘dignity’ through holding a crazy sock day for ‘Socktober’.

‘Socktober’ is an initiative of Catholic Mission where throughout the month of October fun activities relating to socks are held for fundraising purposes. The idea of using socks comes from the Australian term to ‘sock it’ to something meaning to strike out at. The Catholic Mission invites people to help them to strike out at, or ‘sock it to’ social issues such as child labour, child trafficking, poverty and homelessness around the world. This year the focus was on raising money for educating children in impoverished countries such as Myanmar. The focus was also on training teachers to educate students.

St Joseph’s students participated by wearing crazy socks and providing a gold coin donation on the day.

The funds raised were provided to Catholic Mission and Anika hopes that our contribution will make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Thank you, Anika for your efforts in making this day a success.