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A Trip to Dreamworld for a Very Different Set of Lessons and Experiences

A Trip to Dreamworld for a Very Different Set of Lessons and Experiences

Earlier this month eighteen of St Joseph’s Senior students travelled to the Gold Coast to visit Dreamworld and participate in field activities.

Students studying Business Communication and Technology attended a marketing conference to give them an understanding of Marketing and Brand Management and its role in modern business activity.

Physics and Mathematics students gained first-hand experience of the unnatural forces experienced on rides at Dreamworld. The ‘Giant Drop’ gave the students about 3 seconds of freefall from a height of around 120 m producing the feeling of weightlessness. They also experienced forces up to four times their normal weight when the descending gondola was safely brought to an abrupt halt. Disorientation became an additional challenge for the students negotiating rides such as ‘the Claw’, ‘Pandemonium’ and ‘Wipeout’, to mention but a few.

Both Physics and Mathematics students collected data on the rides using available accelerometer applications. This data was to be collated and analysed. The students would synthesize models and generate data to test the validity of these proposed models.

The students also learnt that, while the objective of Theme Parks is for fun and enjoyment, there is a strong emphasis on safe operation of equipment and the safety of visitors. 

The excursion proved to be an extremely valuable learning experience which the students thoroughly enjoyed and could take with them in their future vocation.