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Futsal Cup Proves a Tough Challenge

Futsal Cup Proves a Tough Challenge

Twenty-nine spirited Primary students participated in the Primary Futsal Cup on August 28th in Brisbane. St Joseph’s School nominated 4 teams for this challenging competition — with some of the opposing teams being state champions and some from Futsal schools of excellence.


The two 11 Years Boys teams played five games each and their first encounter was against each other. This was a tough first game, as not many of them had played a game of Futsal before, but some very good individual skills from the boys gave the Green team the victory 10-0. Both 11 Years teams watched other teams and started to devise strategies to beat them. Throughout the tournament both 11 Years Boys teams became stronger and stronger, with more teamwork, grit and hard work. One of the 11 Years Boys teams made it into the semi-final where they fought tirelessly to go down by a couple of goals.


The 12 Years Boys were a bit rusty in their first game until they found the winning combination and snatched a close victory 2-1 against tough competition. In the next game, the boys were up against a strong well-structured team with three national level players on board. The opposing team continued to lead until the coach promised chocolate if they scored. The goal keeper came out of goals and scored a ‘cracker’ from half way against all odds. The boys finished 5th by 2 points.  


St Joseph’s also nominated a 12 Years Girls team who dominated their early games of the group games until they faced the state champions and were just beaten by a score of 7-2. However, the girls turned it around and managed to beat a Futsal school of excellence team 4-3 with some great goals from the team. The girls made the final after a close win in the semi-final and faced the state champions, the Brisbane Islamic School, again. The girls were exhausted after a big day, but fought all the way to the end and left their first Primary Futsal Cup as runners up.