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Opti-MINDS Challenge

Opti-MINDS Challenge

Two teams composed of Year 6/7 students competed in the Toowoomba District Opti-MINDS Challenge held at UQ Gatton Campus on Sunday 27 August.

Opti-MINDS is a challenge where teams compete in both a Long-Term Challenge and the Spontaneous Challenge in order to find the best solution to a set problem. Students worked for 6 weeks prior to the event and then presented to judges on the day. Competition was fierce with over 85 teams taking part in the challenge.

Both St Joseph’s school teams performed exceptionally well with one team winning a “Spirit of Opti-MINDS” award for their outstanding efforts in challenging circumstances. Team members were: Freya Creer, Brigit O’Dea, Clare Williamson, Sam Ellis, Luke Gasparin, Shania Politch, Siena Zanatta, Lucy Elms, Maggie Gallaway, Kiara Osborne and Clancy Moncada.

Thanks to Mrs Muller, Mr Fleming, Miss Thompson and Mrs Campbell for assisting with support and coordination of the teams.