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Ancient History Excursion

Ancient History Excursion

On Thursday, 19th July 2018, students from the Senior Ancient History class travelled to Brisbane to view an exhibition at the Queensland Museum, “Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives”.

The exhibition was extensive, containing over 200 artefacts from Ancient Egypt as well as six mummies preserved in their original sarcophagi. CT scans of the mummies allowed students to virtually “unwrap” each set of remains, enabling them to understand some of the processes associated with embalming and preparing the bodies for burial.

In addition, the exhibition provided insight into the Ancient world, considering aspects of culture and religious belief which influenced the daily lives of individuals and families in the Egyptian and Roman worlds.

Travelling all the way to Queensland from the British Museum, this exhibition provided students a unique and significant opportunity to engage with historical artefacts from the Egyptian world, which will doubtless serve as a valuable adjunct to their study of Ancient Egypt this semester.