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Students support Swags for Homeless

Students support Swags for Homeless

As part of the Faith in Action Project, and in line with his Mercy Value of Mercy & Justice, St Joseph’s Prefect Joshua Mahoney organised events last Friday in support of the organisation, Swags for Homeless.

Students across both campuses enjoyed a free dress day and were asked to donate a gold coin for this fundraising event. Joshua also organised various events on the Secondary Campus which included selling hot chips during the lunch time, which was very popular on a cold day.

 From 5-7pm, students from Years 7-9 were invited to attend a movie afternoon/evening to watch “Despicable Me 3”. At 7.30pm, students from Years 10-12 were came together to watch “The Greatest Showman.” These students could also purchase delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian pasta bake and garlic bread. Drinks, chips and popcorn were also available for sale for the movie goers.

The evening which was a great fundraiser for a very worthy cause, was also an enjoyable social evening for all students who attended.