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ALIVE Workshop

ALIVE Workshop

On Monday 4th June, Tamsyn Rosenberg, Founder and CEO of the ALIVE Organisation, made a return visit to St Joseph’s School. Tamsyn and her team, who were at the school last term as part of the National Action against Bullying Day, had the opportunity to work with the Year 11 and 12 students.

The workshop, which was held in the last two lessons of the day, was invaluable to these students with common issues facing older teens being covered. Topics included how to deal with exam and study stress, techniques that help to calm nerves and general anxiety, and mental wellbeing (keeping the mind healthy and happy).

Tamsyn held a staff session after school, based on supporting student’s wellbeing. Later that evening, Tamsyn held a presentation to parents to provide them with additional tools to improve family life. The topics that Tamsyn covered during the evening included setting family agreements that work for everyone and take the struggle out of daily routines, resolving conflict and introducing open communication, setting firm boundaries and not having to re-draw them every day, stress management for parents and children, helping your child handle intense emotional states with ease and without outburst, and using communication and games to help overcome issues like bullying and the pressures of social media. Tamsyn also covered mental health safety, flags and resources available.

The aim of the ALIVE Organisation is to build more resilient young people and communities. Their projects are designed to enhance the resilience, self-esteem, values and tools to help young people to thrive in life.