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Students celebrate St Joseph’s day

Students celebrate St Joseph’s day

The Feast Day of St. Joseph, Patron of St Joseph’s School was celebrated on Monday 19th March. To acknowledge this important occasion several events took place to celebrate such a special man.

St Joseph was a man filled with faith and trust in God, a family man who loved and worked hard and was reliable and courageous. He is a model for husbands and fathers to imitate. He is a model for workers.

At midday, the whole school assembled in the Bathersby Centre for the Liturgy of the Word, which was followed by a shared lunch on the Secondary Campus with students enjoying a sausage sizzle.

After lunch, classes paired together to participate in fun activities such as, 3 leg races, limbo, tug’o’war and egg and spoon races, which were organised and facilitated by the Year 12 students. Despite the warm weather, the students, and staff worked together ensuring everyone had a cheerful time.

The celebration of St Joseph’s day has always been a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the School’s Patron as the whole school comes together for friendship and fun.