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On Sunday 27th August two teams from St Joseph’s competed in the annual Optiminds competition at the University of Queensland, Gatton Campus. The two teams had to compete in a Spontaneous Task at the beginning of the day, emphasizing team work and their long term task after lunch. The two teams worked for 7 weeks practicing and refining their team work and scripts ready for this event.

The Science and Engineering team of Jack Bell, Mackenzie Swan, Lochie Westlake-Rix and Eliza Telfer, ‘The Quirky Birdies’, achieved an Honours Award and the Social Science team of Caitlin Ellis, Hamish Alldridge, Arwen Keith, Georgette Forbes and Kira St John, ‘Salt and Pepper’ were awarded the Spirit of Optiminds Award.

The ‘Quirky Birdies’ had to create a flat pack and explain its use and impressed the judges with teamwork and enthusiasm. ‘Salt and Pepper’ created a play to explain how we all need to be more inclusive to survive by using the similarities and differences of Fruits and Vegetables.

Both teams are to be commended on their efforts and behaviour, with the teams being acknowledged as ‘very mature for their age’ by the judges. A huge thank you to the parents of the competitors and Leigh Muller and Phil Irvin for her support and guidance before the event and her full day judging on the day.

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