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Aspire to Health

Aspire to Health

On Tuesday the 2nd of May a small group of students attended an “Aspire to Health” day for high school students interested in a career path in health. Upon arrival at the Stanthorpe Hospital, students were greeted by the medical superintendent, staff and representatives from a variety of universities across Queensland.

The day began with a detailed tour of the hospital, where students were shown life-saving devices such as defibrillators and how they are utilised in specific situations. Students also had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk with nurses about their experiences while working in the medical field. Morning tea was followed by informative presentations from health students, these included medical, nursing, midwifery, dental and physiotherapy students what to expect from university level study and the field of health.

The day finished off with clinical skills sessions which focused on various basic skills that students could implement in real-life situations such as how to provide CPR for patients of different ages, to suture a wound correctly, to check blood pressure and blood sugar and how to intubate a patient appropriately in different scenarios.  “Overall, this was a remarkable experience that gave us an exciting glimpse of what our future may be if we choose to pursue a career in medicine and health” said participant Ann-Mary Vincent. 

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