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Primary Environmental Project

Primary Environmental Project

Elbow deep in soil and vegetable scraps, the Year 5 & 6 students are all smiles at St Joseph’s as they begin the development of a large scale practical environmental project.  The 69 students will work together over the course of the year to plan, design, build and maintain a school vegetable garden on the Primary Campus as part of their Science curriculum.  

Having completed blueprints and plans in Term 1, students are now delving into the fine art of organic compost making, determined not be overcome by smells and mess, but to produce a pure and nutrient rich compost in which to grow their vegetables.  In week 1 of Term 2, students each brought from home elements needed for a good compost such as soil, vegetable scraps, grass clippings and newspaper which they layered in a recycled plastic bottles.  Over the coming weeks students will study how these products break down, analysis the contents and report on the effectiveness of growing plants with and without the product.

“The smell is becoming a little over powering in some containers but it is really fun.” Said Year 6 student Hannah Widderick. 

Stage 3 of Project ‘Home Grown’ will see the eager gardeners develop a seasonal growing plan, look at companion planting and natural elements that challenge each and every home farmer.