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Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

Secondary students are engaging in a wide variety of innovative learning experiences in Mathematics, Science and Technology departments this term which have been engaging, challenging and at times, chaotic.

Year 10 Physical Education students are exploring the use of game analysis as a tool to monitor player management in physical performance. With teacher Mrs. Ellis, students are trialling the use of robotic camera technology to track player movement during touch football. In combination with Polar Data watches, that track GPS movement, Heart Rate intensity and speed, students are analysing the performance of fellow classmates in order to evaluate how different playing positions affects athletic performance and physical demand.

In senior Technology Studies, students are focusing on a design project centred around an individual need. With the use of CAD, students are producing 3D printed prototypes of their product designs.   Senior ITS students, led by Mr. Way, are currently engaging in a practical construction task where they are developing carpentry & cabinet making skills in the production of Dart Board cabinets.

With such a productive and exciting first term Students are eager to see what is planned for Term 2.  

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